Jumat, 21 September 2012

About Us

It's so pleasant for me as administrator can post our first entry in this blog...
I'm wondering what I should write in this entry.
Then, I think why don't we introduce who we are???
So, Let's started.....
NICE CHEMICALS INDONESIA was established since 1994 to develop and lead surfactant Industry.
Our products are used as processing aid, chemical intermediates and in the manufacturing of various finished products.
We serve formulations in most major industrial fields including metal works, industrial cleaning, paper and especially in TEXTILES. As a service-Oriented supplier, we always focus on product research, development and cooperative discussion with our client.
We emphasize domestic sales and international marketing supported by Technical Service, Product Research and Development and Strict quality control rightly.
We would like to proceed all mutual business by presenting Customer Satisfactions.
We are very pleased to receive any inquiry about our products and technical information any time.
We hope that there will be a good and better business relationship with our all valuable clients in the all of the world.